Cleanings and Examinations

The best cavity is the one you never have, which is why Dr. Grillo and our entire team promote regular cleanings and preventive dental care whenever possible. With thorough cleaning, digital X-rays, and other diagnostic tools, we can not only clean your teeth thoroughly in a short, pain-free visit, but also leave you with all the information you need to prevent cavities and infections at home.

Good preventive dental care minimizes time, expense, and discomfort for patients of any age. Schedule your first appointment today and see how we make it easier to care for your teeth.


Dental Fillings

For small cavities, Dr. Grillo can perform fast, pain-free dental fillings that ensure your mouth stays healthy, and that little pockets of tooth decay don't turn ito bigger problems later. Naturally, she and her team use the latest technologies and cosmetic dentistry and comfort. Not only will your fillings be invisible to the naked eye, but you can leave our offices feeling as great as your smile looks.


Crowns and Restorative Dental Procedures

Because of decay, injury, or other factors, patients sometimes end up with chipped and broken teeth, or smiles that are uneven. These can affect a patient's self-esteem, cause significant pain, and diminish the health of surrounding teeth and gums.

We have a number of different solutions, from crowns to bridges and implants, that help you restore your smile without discomfort or lengthy visits. It's never been faster, easier, or more convenient to get restorative dental work.